Volume 92, Issue 6

Friday, September 11, 1998

oshfrosh b'gosh


Did you hear the one about the Frosh...

Seeing as how this entire issue is being dedicated to you, the Frosh, we at the Gazette thought you should know about the cheezy jokes we've been telling about you... HaHa!

How can you tell that a Frosh was using the computer?

There's white-out all over the screen.

A Soph and a Frosh both jump off the CN Tower at the same time. Who hits the ground first?

The Soph. The Frosh has to stop and ask for directions.

How do you make a Frosh laugh on Monday morning?

Tell them a joke on Friday afternoon.

How can you tell which tricycle belongs to the Frosh?

It's the one with the kickstand.

Why did the Frosh take his/her new scarf back to the store? It was too tight.

Why did it take the Frosh a whole week to wash three basement windows?

It took him/her six days just to dig the holes to put the ladder in.

Did you hear about the Frosh that just bought an a.m. radio?

It took him/her two weeks to figure out that you could play it at night.

Why do Frosh have more fun?

They're more easily amused.

How did the Frosh kill the bird?

They threw it off a cliff.

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