Volume 92, Issue 6

Friday, September 11, 1998

oshfrosh b'gosh


Slinging mash for student's hard cash

By Becky Somerville & Mark Brown
News Editors

Welcome to university – and acquaint yourself with the inevitable, ultimate departure from real food... until April. Say goodbye to the faithfully abundant, always satiating fridge and cupboards full of edibles. Forget Sunday dinners and prepare to develop a sudden taste for meatloaf and those frozen vegetables you used to hate. In the meantime, though, here are a few pointers which we hope will satisfy your hunger or at least fill some of the void. Bon Appetit!

– Forget the proverbial "Frosh 15"– it will likely happen anyway.

– Rumour has it that University Hospital has the cheapest and best food on campus. Go figure.

– Adamantly refuse any persuasion to try the "mystery meat."

– Always be nice to the Food Services people, at least until you know what's in the stew.

– When you tire of the food offered in residence, there is always the friendly neighbourhood hot dog vendor outside D. B. Weldon Library. They'll be there even after the snow starts to fall. Disclaimer: weiners may contain beef.

– Remember the four food groups – beer, snacks, grease and beer.

– Centrespot – remember to wear your best clothes. Reservations recommended, frats and sororities preferred.

Here's a few suggestions of after hours eateries once you're sick of the cafeteria food (this will most likely occur after the first two weeks):

– Top Pick, for pizza

– The Alibi Roadhouse

– Pita Pit, for pitas

– Subway (at the corner of Western & Sarnia Roads)

– Stobies, for more pizza and

– Mario's, for pizza!

You can also peruse www.2get.com/food for a list of restaurants that deliver to Western including prices, menu items and hours of operation.

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