Volume 92, Issue 6

Friday, September 11, 1998

oshfrosh b'gosh


The whole truth

By Jamie Lynn
Managing Editor

Well, you've made it. After spending much of your last year bombarded by various university speakers, pamphlets and brochures, something, somewhere convinced you that Western was the place for you. Was it your hip older brother, those snazzy ads in the TTC or maybe the folks from Queen's Commerce simply respond to your application with a "yeah right."

Whatever the reason, much like life in general, things are never quite as they appear. By now you've had the tour, paid for the O-Week kit and maybe even tasted some of the fine swill available from the local bars. Now, not only will we provide you with some essential "social" survival tips for life on and around campus, but be prepared what that they didn't print in the brochure.

Get off campus. Never be afraid of the good folks at Aboutown or the LTC. While Western's enclosed and isolated campus is convenient and aesthetically pleasing, if you spend all your time here you'll get an expansive case of "cabin fever." London's got plenty for you to see and do, so get out there.

Don't put up with Soph bullshit. Your Sophs can be very helpful guides and friends, but don't be duped into believing that you have to do everything they say. Some of them have God complexes, but that's just because their moms never let them out of their backyards to see how the normal kids play.

Find a cheap way to drink. With drink prices always going up, we recommend starting in your rez room with a case of Lakeport Pilsner. At about a buck a beer, it's the best deal in drinking and it doesn't taste too bad either. Once you've left your residence and have made it to the bar, stick with the draft suds. Your body might hate you for it, your wallet will get the warm fuzzies.

Home is for Thanksgiving... maybe Christmas. Homesick Frosh who miss their high school glory days are always tempted to take the earliest Greyhound back home every Friday. While the folks back in Sarnia might think you're a "slick daddy" in your shiny new Western sweatshirt, you're getting further away from the social loop back at your residence. Get out there on the weekend, so next time you come home your stories won't have to be made up.

Don't fixate on past glories. Along the same lines as the last one, nothing is more obvious then the guy who always wears his high school's embroidered doctor pants, indicating that he was Central Tech's Student Activity Council treasurer, while constantly yacking about "those wild times." They grow tired on people quickly.

Life's a beach. On sunny days, you're gonna start to hear a lot of people talking about heading to "the beach." It's more likely that they're making their way to Western's coveted Concrete Beach. The Beach is a social Mecca that is unparalleled for its excitement and activity. Be sure to get there early and leave late because you'll wonder where all the excitement went come November.

When I was a boy... Just remember to get yourself out there, have a laugh, act a little zany and enjoy your first year while you have it. After all, it only happens once and grad schools barely look at your first year marks, hopefully.

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