Volume 92, Issue 6

Friday, September 11, 1998

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How to get around

DUNGENONS AND DRAGONS, ANYONE? What survival guide would be complete without your very own copy of Western's tunnel systems. It's the perfect size to cut and paste and put onto your wall.


1. Astronomy houses

2. Dental sciences building

3. Chemistry building

4. Health sciences addition

5. Medical sciences building

6. Molecular biology laboratory

7. Kresge building

8. Natural sciences centre

9. Biology & geology sciences

10. Photo peroid lab

11. Biology & geology greenhouses

12. Physics & astronomy building

13. Collip building

14. Western sciences centre

15. Middlesex college

16. Social sciences centre

17. University community centre

18. Stevenson–Lawson building

19. University college

20. Weldon library

21. Somerville house

22. Law building

23. Thames hall

24. Engineering building

25. Alumni hall

26. Sydenham hall residence

27. Medway hall residence

By Sabrina Carinci
News Editor

Once the snow hits the ground, Western's campus can be a miserably freezing place. When you dread getting out of bed because it's warmer than the air in your room, take comfort in knowing that Western's campus comes complete with an infrastructure of pedestrian underground tunnels which run throughout the university campus.

As you read the words in this article you should also be aware that you are being given very privileged information. In fact, much of what this article will teach you is not even known by students who have completed degrees here.

Of course, there are some points you should be aware of before you decide to start using the tunnels in your daily routine:

– practice finding the tunnels with a friend when you have some spare time

– in May, someone decided to put graffiti in the tunnels between Middlesex College and the Biology and Geology building – don't do stupid things like that because no one will appreciate it

– a few of the underground tunnels are located adjacent to building steam rooms and are therefore fairly hot and humid (so don't be afraid that you're going to suffocate before reaching the opposite end of the tunnel)

– some tunnels will take longer to walk through than if you chose to walk from the outside

– like everything else you do, use caution in the tunnels as not all of them are used frequently and none of them are routinely monitored

– try not to use the tunnels at night, as you might find the doors to the building you're heading to locked

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