Volume 92, Issue 6

Friday, September 11, 1998

oshfrosh b'gosh


Meet the council cronies

Dipesh Mistry/Photo Editor

HEY, IT'S THE SEVEN DWARFS. Actually, this group are responsible for a $14 million organization. Shown here chillin' outside the Bud truck, they have been responsible for this year's Frosh week.

By Becky Somerville
News Editor

Imagine university as a foundation of life – a survival of the fittest and a groundwork through which you struggle to speak out, reach for the top and above all else, have fun. Now envision a group of colleagues who are dedicated to help you achieve this. They are the University Students' Council.

The USC has the responsibility of representing undergraduate students at Western and aims to enhance your educational experience and quality of life at university.

They strive to be a responsible student government consisting of a president and four vice-presidents whom together comprise the voting members of the USC Board of Directors. Councillors and commissioners, as well as hundreds of student volunteers assist in representing the student voice.

Elected as head honcho on this year's USC team is Ian Armour. Armour is primarily responsible for providing a voice for the USC, the students it represents and the Board of Directors. While communicating and lobbying with municipal, provincial and federal governments, Armour strives to convey the students' message and promote an understanding of their concerns regarding Western.

Ally and teammate for Armour is VP-student affairs, Melissa Cousineau, better known as "VP-fun." In charge of getting students involved through events and activities, Cousineau takes the liberty of organizing various sporting and fundraising events such as Orientation Week, Homecoming and the Charity Ball. She is also responsible for the more than 100 clubs around Western.

VP-campus issues is Peter Hill, who through various awareness campaigns throughout the year aims to increase consciousness among students on such issues as equity, diversity, health and safety issues. Hill also plays the role of advocate for all students and students' groups to ensure everyone's voice is heard.

Nick Iozzo, VP-education, is responsible for addressing the academic and external issues facing undergrads at Western. Iozzo and the USC work alongside provincial and federal lobby groups, such as the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance and the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, to communicate students' concerns in a time of dramatically changing post secondary education.

Managing the USC's $14 million operation budget is VP-finance David Small. Funding generated by the USC is directed towards enhancing the extra-curricular and educational experience at Western.

Communications officer Warren Tilston ensures students the awareness of USC campaigns and charity and social events, all marketed in an informative and sure-to-be-creative manner.

Keeping the USC in tow legally is Jennifer Quick, legal affairs officer. Quick's main role involves advising the Board of Directors and council on liability issues, corporate and legal affairs.

For more info. walk up to room 340 in the University Community Centre or check out their web site at www.usc@julian .uwo.ca.

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