Volume 92, Issue 6

Friday, September 11, 1998

oshfrosh b'gosh


Strange creatures exposed

Peter Mercer

By Mark Brown
News Editor

What survival guide would be complete without a listing of the some of the more exotic wild life indigenous to London?

Western is home to a very small and elite group who are most commonly seen around the Stevenson-Lawson building, but that is not to say they are easy to find.

Usually dressed in suits, these creatures are always in a hurry and wield great power over the student population. If you are lucky enough, these specimens will display some wonderful colours if you can catch them during the right season. If you spot one, don't be alarmed, it will just likely be someone from the university administration.

In case you do stumble across one of these people, we have provided a brief description of what some of the top members of the administration do around campus.

Last year this group of people were heavily involved in some positive changes at Western including successfully lobbying for the Canada 2001 summer games and building a new residence – while making unwelcome changes to the residences and setting the increases in the cost of tuition.

At the top of the administration food chain is head hand-shaker Peter Godsoe, who occupies the position of chancellor, honorary head of the university. The only times you will likely see Godsoe will be during your first week as a Frosh and on your last day as a Western student, during convocation.

Next in the pyramid and somewhat easier to find, is Paul Davenport, who holds the positions of president, vice-chancellor and chief executive officer at Western. He is in charge of setting policies, fundraising for the university and generally overseeing the operations of this institution.

Usually not too far from the president are the five senior members of Western's administration who also work hard to keep the university's affairs in order.

Greg Moran, holding the positions of provost and VP-academic, oversees the academic faculties, professional schools and libraries, among other things. His job description also includes being responsible for all deans and senior directors.

Western's VP-administration is Peter Mercer. His portfolio includes responsibility for such issues as finance, human resources, housing and food services, physical plant and all operations that your ancillary fees go towards.

Just as many students are concerned with their image on campus to gain popularity, the university depends on its image to ensure future fund-raising support from the community and maintain strong ties to alumni. Ted Gerrard, VP-external, is charged with this responsibility.

Despite the rumour that universities exist to teach and provide students with a great place to party, the primary function is actually research. At Western it is the VP-research Bill Bridger's job to ensure the university maintains its integrity in this area.

Completing this elite group is vice-provost and registrar Roma Harris. She supervises the operation of the registrar's office and is responsible for faculty promotion and tenure.

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