Volume 92, Issue 6

Friday, September 11, 1998

oshfrosh b'gosh


Western's daily dose of written Prozac

Tom Baumgartner/Photo Editor

AN AVALANCHE OF KNOWLEDGE. In an unfortunate incident over the summer while students were away we lost one of our fine Gazetters. We're still reeling from the loss and that smell is really getting strong.

Tom Baumgartner/Photo Editor

NOW THAT'S SERVICE. Sorry to disappoint but you probably won't see an entourage like this at a Gazette drop box this year. A couple complaints, a restraining order – no more personalized boxes.

By Brendan Howe

As thousands of wide-eyed, nervous, first-year students step onto the vast tundra of Western's campus for the first time and experience the cheering, games and beverages of Orientation Week, there is a certain level of uncertainty.

Those coming fresh out of high school wonder what university life is going to be like, whether they'll do as well academically, whether they'll do as well socially. Meanwhile, returning upper-year students are planning how the hell they're going to make up for having too much of a social life last year and not enough of an academic one.

Even the future of the much-touted O-week is an uncertainty from year to year. Next year could see what was once revered by students as the best week of their university careers turn into O-weekend or O-day.

But the one thing Western students have been able to count on for the past 91 years is The Gazette. Now in its 92nd publishing year, members of the Western community have been able to rely on The Gazette to bring them news from around campus, provide a forum for debate and entertainment since close to the turn of the century.

We may have changed the look and style a bit from 1906 when Western's official student newspaper was called In Cap and Gown, but we have always been around and been relied on since that first cold November and we will be around for many more years to come.

So there's the past, now let us introduce to you the present and the future.

We are the three amigos

The paper has three full-time staff who are in the office so much during the school year, people have been known to mistake them for part of the furniture. They are Editor-in-chief Brendan Howe, Deputy Editor Lisa Weaver and Managing Editor Jamie Lynn. These three are responsible for editing the paper, managing the finances and making sure all sections are running smoothly. Any complaints, compliments or questions are solely handled by the Editor-in-chief and should be addressed to him. We can be reached at 661-3580 or by email at gazette.editor@julian.uwo.ca.

The Gazette has several sections providing a wide variety of articles for almost all interests, which can assist in helping students survive or escape the day-to-day doldrums of academic life. Here's a look at what each section does and who you'll be talking to if you come into our office in Room 263 of the University Community Centre.

Start spreading the news...

The first thing you'll see when you pick up the paper on Tuesday, our first day back at daily publication, is the News section. Anchored by editors Mark Brown, Sabrina Carinci, Becky Somerville and Dave Yasvinski, News provides daily coverage of events around Western's campus, London and other university campuses around the country. The News section is where you'll also find national and international coverage through the Canadian Press wire service.

Letters... oh we

get letters

They say opinions are like assholes – everyone's got one, but we still want to hear yours. Within our Opinions pages you'll find "letters to the editor" which come from regular students just like you. If you have an opinion about our paper's content or campus issues, whether serious or goofy, editor Neil Malhotra wants your letters. You'll also find our daily editorial which is The Gazette's comment or opinion on an issue in the news. So if we piss ya off, Neil's your man.

Please, no pictures

Although our writers tend to think it's their enticing bylines which cause readers to pick up the paper "en route" to morning java, it is more often a flashy news photo or a dazzling campus moment caught on film. This is the result of the talented work of our Photography editors Tom Baumgartner, Dipesh Mistry and Randy Quan and their volunteer staff of photographers. Without the news, sports, entertainment and illustrative photos that this section contributes, we would look like the phone book.

Sure you can sing – but can you dance

For years, students have sat at their kitchen tables nibbling on Kraft Dinner wondering where the true Mecca of free stuff is. Arts and Entertainment editors Clare Elias, Mark Lewandowski and Christina Vardanis all have a little secret they may want to share with you. This section includes everything from reviewing the latest Butthole Surfers CD to taking a look at a night out at the ballet. All types of film, theatre, comedy, art and, of course, music regularly grace these pages.

Sporty Spice

As upper-year students returning to Western know, Mustang football is definitely the biggest sport around this campus – but Sports editors John Dinner, John Intini and Ian Ross will show you this year that it's not the only one. This section covers a wide variety of CIAU sports, OUAA sports and any other sport with an acronym in front of it, including professional sports as well. Don't forget the hockey pool.


Focus editors Jael Lodge and Ciara Rickard provide a special section to the paper that appears once or twice a week. This section takes a more in-depth look at issues around campus and the country while it also explores topics which would not regularly appear in other sections of the paper. Topics have ranged from buying the best vibrator to investigating tuition increases.

Getting closer

Comic relief, artwork and editorial comment by way of cartoons are provided by our Graphics editors Luke Rundle and Brahm Wiseman. Graphics editors are not always noticed, other than when they hang from bridges, but their work is an integral part of the look of the paper, complimenting stories and appearing daily in the Opinions section in the form of an editorial cartoon.

Even closer

Last but definitely not least are the true unsung heroes of The Gazette – our Composing and Advertising departments. Composing is responsible for turning our scribbles on layout sheets into a presentable final product, while Advertising makes sure we have the money to put out a paper every day by getting us those much-needed ads. By the way, that's 661-3579 and ask for Alex. Sorry, shameless plug.

Shut up, I'm almost done

So there you have it. We admire your dedication, patience and commitment. So much so that we want to give you a job. Come write for us and we promise that little drug problem of yours will seem like nothing once you meet some of our staff. We can't pay you or give you a good computer to work at, but we do have nice comfy chairs and you might even be able to sit in one if our editors aren't using them.

Even if you don't come up to write for us, we'll understand. We just hope you'll take the opportunity to read the work of the staff of Canada's only daily student newspaper. We can't promise that you'll always like what we write – but we do promise we'll never be boring.

To Contact The News Department: gazette.news@julian.uwo.ca

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