Volume 92, Issue 7

Tuesday, September 15, 1998

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Tori amazing

Sweet, soft and sultry sounds combined with the large open space of the Molson Ampitheatre in Toronto made for an oddly intimate summer gathering. Tori Amos' volatile piano songs struck an enthusiastic audience July 25, but this venue made it difficult for the five-foot two-inch diva to pierce the souls of each fan.

Tori Amos touches upon subjects most songwriters fear to tread, such as a miscarriage. These taboo topics are the ingredients of Amos' palpable originality. She cuts through mundane, stereotypical women-songs and proves herself a true songstress, bleeding with emotion and honesty. Amos' twangy, chaotic melodies are engagingly smart, while her stories both attract and repel her audience.

Tori Amos' Choir Girl Hotel tour was one of the few female artistic journeys of this summer to travel without the Lilith Fair umbrella. Amos' presence graced the stage and was ignited by the spectacle of spotlights, beams and bubbles produced only by those high maintenance arenas. She opened with "Precious Things" and continued with a six-song string of melodies, including her latest hit "Spark."

The singer/songwriter then dived into a two-song solo, until her back-up returned to the stage. This creative artist can carry her own, as she played both keyboard and piano for most of the songs. Her sweeping, electrifying sounds mesmerized the crowd and carried many of them down to the stage to catch a better a glimpse of the frizzy, red-haired diva in her blue sequin dress (with very cool black boots).

But her clothes, boots and seductively powerful sounds couldn't keep her spark burning bright enough to capture and enrapture the audience. It would have been better to perform such a feat on a smaller scale – but the bubbles were still a nice touch.

– By Clare Elias

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