Volume 92, Issue 7

Tuesday, September 15, 1998

here we go


Too much exposure

Clinton-Lewinsky, Clinton-Jones, Clinton-Starr, Lewinsky-Tripp... tired of all of this yet?

People should be sick of hearing about the personal life of Bill Clinton and his alleged alternative uses for cigars. And according to the polls, they are. Yet why does every television channel and major newspaper need to dedicate time and space to a stained dress (and what kind of person keeps a stained dress without washing it anyway)? Obviously the ratings are there and it's not time yet for everybody to tune out.

Every week, it seems this story has reached its climax – but then some new juicy tidbit pops up. A few weeks ago, the whole fiasco should have been over when good 'ol Bill faced his nation and admitted he had an "inappropriate relationship" with his intern. However, now that Kenneth Starr's report has arrived at Congress and has been released to the public via internet, nobody can believe he actually had eight to ten encounters – was the public hoping it was only a one time thing?

The public should be sick of it by now. But should the public ever have been interested in "Zippergate?" The answer is a simple no. How would anyone else feel if their private life had become this public? How would anyone feel if every person in the country knew their sexual escapades before their family could ever find out? It is an irrelevant issue when it comes down to Clinton's performance of his job.

It is disturbing that the American commander-in-chief would display such a lack of morals – but how has this effected his presidency? Americans are happy with Clinton because he has spent his time on domestic policy and created a healthier America economy. When you look at his effectiveness as a president, he has had a very successful time in office.

Another issue that has to be raised is whether or not the cost of the four-year investigation can be justified if nobody's head rolls. The money has been spent and whether or not he perjured himself, Clinton did lie to the American people and to his family. He does answer to the American people and that should have some kind of consequence, but impeachment may be too much. Other presidents have done worse and faced less scrutiny. How about that guy named Kennedy?

Hopefully, there will be something new and more worthwhile to talk about in the media, but for now just put up with it. It's like Kevin Costner's The Postman – it just will not end.

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