Volume 92, Issue 7

Tuesday, September 15, 1998

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Emergency response team gets rolling

Western's Student Emergency Response Team has added a new tool to its arsenal.

As of Sept. 7, the team will be starting to use its new Trek mountain bikes to respond to emergency situations.

"There are two main advantages to the bikes – we get to the locations much quicker and we have more energy when we arrive," said Alex Drossos, executive director of SERT.

They now service all residences, except for Westminster College. Student apartments, such as Beaver and Lambton halls, also fall under the team's jurisdiction.

If you need to get in touch with the Student Emergency Response Team, call the Campus Police at 661-3333 and they will dispatch a team.

–Jenny Buckley

Construction Update

Western had a busy summer improving facilities for the 1998/99 year.

Progress is clearly underway on the new residence near the Richmond gate, said Dave Riddell, senior director of physical plant and capital planning services. "[It is] a little behind schedule, but I am confident that it will be done on time."

Renovations on D.B. Weldon Library have also progressed well over the summer and are scheduled for completion by Oct. 15, Riddell said.

Middlesex College continues to grow, with the latest addition being a fourth floor expected to be ready by the end of September, he explained.

Some other not-so-noticeable changes around Western include the historical restoration of the Convocation Hall in University College, renovations of the food service facility in the Natural Science Centre and the conversion of two meeting rooms in Somerville House into classrooms, Riddell said.

–Elliott Platt

Western shows London how to Shine

Although exact figures have not yet been calculated, all Western participants will probably be proud of the money raised this week for Shinerama.

Saturday morning students were taken by bus to many different locations around London to sell their talents for Cystic Fibrosis.

Last year the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation received $58,000 from hard-working students at Western. Event organizers are hoping to match, if not exceed, last year's generous donation.

–Sonia Mestria

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