Volume 92, Issue 8

Wednesday, September 16, 1998

wheeling and dealing


Quirks and Smirks

Now that Frosh week is behind us, possibly forever, we decided to send an intrepid reporter out to ask students this question. "How do you think Orientation Week assisted you with your transition into University?" These are a few of the responses you gave us.

"I thought it did a lot of good. It helped me meet a lot of new people. The Sophs did a good job assisting me."

–Chad Holmes, Science I

"The idea behind O-week is important. The transition to university is hard. Something like O-week is needed."

–Jen Sfalcin, Visual Arts II

"It wasn't what I expected. It would totally suck if there wasn't an O-week, but I was still uncomfortable with feeling forced into the first few events."

–Carly Elpine, Arts I

"I felt it wasn't geared towards off campus students enough, but it was still helpful to me."

–Caleb Gardiner, Social Science I

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