Volume 92, Issue 8

Wednesday, September 16, 1998

wheeling and dealing


New communication device for speaking up

By Sabrina Carinci
Gazette Staff

Speakers everywhere are invited to voice their opinions from politics to just plain gibberish and the best part is it's all free.

Tomorrow night marks the official launch of the Speaker's Corner on the southeast corner of Richmond and Oxford Streets.

Paul Wollaston, executive producer and president of nimm new media said Speaker's Corner will undoubtedly become a positive addition to the City of London. "It marks a new era of media in London," he said.

Wollaston began working on the idea of placing a Speaker's Corner in London approximately two years ago. "It was my idea. I approached Moses [Znaimer] who thought it was a great idea and we started working on it."

Wollaston explained his ideas became closer to reality when CFPL was bought by CHUM City this year. "The New PL has replaced CFPL – they feel it's important to be part of the community they're from and not separate."

Brett Willms, third-year psychology student at Western and chief executive officer of iCubed who came up with the newest advertising concept said he is happy ads have been incorporated into the character of the corner itself. "We specialize in new media," Willms said. "We're providing a whole new genre of advertising."

"LightAd" is the name of the advertising method which is used at Speaker's Corner. It is the latest in advertising techniques which uses light to project advertisements on the the wall.

Willms believes the corner's advertising is successful because it incorporates movement and has lots of effects. Advertisements produced with LightAd are able to catch people's eyes more effectively and can produce images over 300 feet large.

Norm Limsang, graphic designer and part owner of Progressive Mouse, has been involved with the construction of Speaker's Corner since the beginning of June. "We designed the mural for the wall and painted it," he said. "We finished at the end of July, but it is an ongoing project."

Limsang noted the entire design and labour of the construction of the wall was unique. "We wanted to prove to Toronto that London isn't a shitty little town – [the corner] inspires people and makes them feel that London isn't shit."

Both Willms and Limsang believe the corner will have a positive effect on the students at Western as well. "There is a definite reflection on the university because students will be the ones leaving messages and watching."

David Spencer, associate professor in the faculty of information and media studies feels Speaker's Corner is an example of the modern approach to communications. "TV has been a one way medium because you could never talk back, this is certainly a solution."

Videos made on Speaker's Corner will be televised every Thursday at 10 p.m. on channel 10.

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