Volume 92, Issue 9

Thursday, September 17, 1998

service with a smile


Bus passes are making life easier

By Neil Malhotra
Gazette Staff

The hordes are back from the summer and the campus is getting crowded. And for those fortunate enough to own a car, parking has once again, become impossible to find.

So what is the solution? Well, you could take Paul Davenport's parking spot in the middle of campus (he really likes it despite what he might tell you) or you could park on the Concrete Beach and make sure everyone sees your "beater" car that you turned into an eye sore with a bad paint and tint job. Better yet, you could take advantage of the best University Students' Council idea to come along in the past few years – a bus pass for every full-time student.

When the bus pass was passed last winter, naturally, not everybody was enthused about having another $75 added to the country's highest student fees. Many people have worked hard over the years to earn a car and want to experience the "freedom" that comes along with – they want to leave for class ten minutes before it starts. But between traffic, finding a parking spot and walking to the right building, taking the bus is actually quicker than driving to school.

The London Transit Commission has done a fantastic job with servicing the university and the surrounding areas. During peak hours the buses are crowded but they have been efficient. The buses also cover most corners of the campus, ensuring short walks. But then again, that could not be nearly as enjoyable as finding the last spot in the Saugeen lot and having to be in class at Talbot College in five minutes.

There are also additional benefits to the bus pass. Using the bus is environmentally friendly and saves on fossil fuels. Another benefit is that you can live further away from campus and you do not have to get stuck in a rat hole on Broughdale that has sewage pipes breaking. You can move further away from campus without having an increased commuting expense.

The bus pass is a great thing. It is unfortunate that part-time students do not have access to it but hopefully, that can be the next step for the USC. And for those of you who already have the passes, take advantage of them because you've already paid for them.

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