Volume 92, Issue 9

Thursday, September 17, 1998

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Motherly love or maternal profit

By Luke Rundle
Gazette Staff

It takes a truly special individual to point fingers at the decisions of others. To do so, you must have complete and total confidence that your past and present actions are goodwilled and folly free. However, to point a finger at a public figure takes nothing more than a keyboard and a bad attitude. Having said that, let's have a chat about this Lewinsky fiasco.

Monica herself is not the problem. She should be, because the girl wasn't exactly in the dark as to ol' Billy Clinton's marital status and therefore should have kept her hands out of his underoos. It's not like he would have been able to deceive her with that tired "my wife just doesn't understand me, so help me take my pants off" routine. Whether she did it because she was a headline-seeking hussy with a lust for powerful men is not a matter of concern. Nor is if she just had an uncontrollable urge to become a walking humidor. The actions are clear, even if the motives are suspect.

The major problem with the state of affairs is that her mother, who should shelter and guide her child through the pitfalls of life, is the one leasing her out to the highest bidder. What would your mother say if you came home with a presidential, semen-soaked dress under your arm? Would she save it for a few months or would she wash it by hand while cursing you out?

Whether or not Marcia Lewis believes she is doing her daughter a favour by handling the numerous and lucrative offers that media services are willing to pay for Monica's story is beside the point. There are a few things a parent should never do in life. Uttering the phrase, "Sure, you and Billy can bleach the dog" is always a no-no. But, the cardinal sin is to negotiate the price of your daughter's self-respect – especially when your daughter seems to lack it.

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