Volume 92, Issue 9

Thursday, September 17, 1998

service with a smile


Get on the bus - if you can

By Mark Brown
Gazette Staff

Mixed opinions are circulating about the service provided by the London Transit Commission as a result of the new universal bus pass.

The University Students' Council was assured the LTC would respond to the increased student demand for the service, explained Ian Armour, USC president.

"They are aware that the students are the consumers," he added.

John Ford, director of planning for the LTC said they have received some calls from students who were concerned with the service.

"Some of the students are expressing some concerns about the 32 Proudfoot bus because of their increase loads," he said.

"There have been a lot of standing loads – a testament to the popularity of the service," Ford said.

Four to five buses, called trippers, are currently servicing routes to help improve service but do not appear on the schedule, Ford said.

"I don't believe the frequency [of buses] has changed aside from the express bus and the trippers."

Several students shared the positive opinion of Ron Matusiak, a second-year science student, about the bus pass. "It's really good," he said. He added the buses seem to be on time.

While other students such as second-year psychology student Stephanie Gilmore or second-year science student Kate Kristoff are not quite as content.

"I wish it would come a little more frequent and usually it is really packed – half the people are usually standing," Gilmore said.

"The service is okay," Kristoff said. "When I'm going home it is not always on time and I will have to wait half an hour for the next bus, but other than that it is pretty good."

Service to all of the bus routes going to Western has been increased, said Ford. Service along Richmond Street has doubled due to the addition of the UWO Express bus, increasing the frequency of service from 20 minutes to 10 minutes.

"Students have to feel like they are being served and they are getting their money's worth for the deal to continue," Armour said.

Employees from the LTC will be on campus today to observe the bus service to campus in an attempt to identify any problem areas.

The LTC will look closely at all of the buses servicing campus, particularly the 32 Proudfoot. The LTC hopes it can address concerns about this route over the next few days, he added.

Any complaints regarding the service should be brought to the attention of the USC so they can present a record of this information to the LTC should the need ever arise, Armour noted.

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