Volume 92, Issue 10

Friday, September 18, 1998

cheque please


Phoidian phrollics

By Jeff Warren
Gazette Writer

Take your friends out on the porch and grab a cold one from the cooler. Listen to classic rock and folky tunes and you have New York City's The Phoids' life plan.

The Phoids' guitarist Matt Chiaravalle discusses the process of getting established in the music industry, while still trying to enjoy the normal life – like drinking.

"We're about whatever it takes to get into the music. I would just call it rock n' roll," Chiaravalle said.

Rock n' roll is a fairly accurate description of The Phoids' music. Drawing from such influences as Neil Young, Bob Dylan and English folk singer/songwriter Nick Drake, the band combines horn arrangements with guitar melodies to create a unique rock sound. Using a variety of instruments on the album, including an elementary school choir, they create an enhanced sound for the songs.

"We wanted to stretch out the record as far as the instruments go," Chiaravalle said. "We wanted the songs to be fun and interesting to listen to."

Listening to the album, one also gets the sense of a jam session atmosphere in the recording.

"We recorded this record with everyone, including [Niko] the producer, in the studio. There was no listening to playback. We just played together and it had to feel good."

This idea of "feeling good" also lent itself to the lyrics of the songs and great sounds are exactly what The Phoids' music is about. Whether playing a large show or a small one, it doesn't matter to the Phoids.

"The idea was to stray from today's music," he said. "I mean, how many times can you listen to Matchbox 20?"

So this porch-sittin', beer-drinkin', rock n' roll music is what works for The Phoids and it certainly seems to work for rock n' roll. Chiaravalle claims all that is left is for the band to be heard.

"Once that happens, our music is embraced. So come by and see us."

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