Volume 92, Issue 10

Friday, September 18, 1998

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Gotta sing, gotta dance

By Brad Lister
Gazette Staff

Bumping and grinding with an abundance of decadence is how the Grand Theatre plans to start their 1998/99 season. Kicking off The Grand's main stage tonight is the production of Cabaret, bringing with it a promise for an incredible season.

Cabaret is the answer to artistic Director Michael Shamata's quest for a show that is flashy, entertaining and unusual. "I wanted something with a kick, not just song and dance." Shamata also likes Cabaret because it still offers a voice to contemporary audiences.

"It's very relevant, it's about these people having to make choices." Cabaret is a theatrical production portraying life's tragedies and mishaps during a tumultuous era. The musical is set in 1930's Berlin just before the invasion of The Third Reich.

Based on Christopher Isherwood's autobiographical novella, Cabaret describes The Berlin Stories and John Van Druten play, I Am a Camera, also inspired the stories.

Cabaret has a dense and rich background and showcases talent, such as Jeff Hyslop who stars as the Emcee.

Cabaret is a classic musical of sorts, with the flamboyant nature of The Emcee creating a desirable character, both to play and to watch. The other major role in the musical is well played by the actress Laurie Paton.

"When we called [Paton] in she was fantastic." Shamata goes on to say that Paton gives a real weight to her scenes.

The reaction to the play has garnered praise comparable to its New York predecessor currently the big ticket on Broadway. "We had about six hundred [people] the night of the first preview and it typically builds after that" Shamata said.

The biggest reason to get off campus, according to Shamata, is to come to Cabaret – it's hot. The cast stands the test of theatrical time, boasts Shamata, as he supports his performers.

Cabaret runs Sept. 18 to Oct. 10. For Tickets call the Grand Theatre Box Office.

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