Volume 92, Issue 10

Friday, September 18, 1998

cheque please



What with all this talk about stereotypes and images, how can we not do a rundown of a few, just for a laugh...

- Everyone is rich.

- Everyone is beautiful.

- We all drive Jeeps and BMWs.

- Nobody leaves home without their cellular phones.

- All those party animals you see in Fort Lauderdale over Slack Week?

They go to Western.

- 99 per cent of the student body belongs to a sorority or a


- Everyone wants to go to business school.

- We're so proud that we all wear purple. All the time.

- "Attitude about being a Western student and indifference about

everything else" (Maclean's Guide to Universities, 1997).

- We have shirts which read "As a matter of fact, going to Western DOES make me better than you."

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