Volume 92, Issue 10

Friday, September 18, 1998

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Starting rumours

Here are a few excerpts written by Joe Chidley and Scott Steele in their article entitled "The Pub Report," published in the Nov. 15, 1993 issue of Maclean's, which included the magazine's annual university review. The two former Western students described the social atmosphere and student life here at Western and are attributed with coining the phrase "Country Club U."

- "Here, social studies still means belonging to the right frat or sorority, being seen in the right bars, working hard, but playing harder."

- In describing Jim Bob Ray's: "By last call, the floor is littered with broken glass and cigarette butts, chicken wings and beer; somebody's underwear. All in all, an evening of good, clean fun."

- In describing the student body: "Clean-cut kids still wear button-downs and Bass Weejuns, Fair Isle sweaters and rugby jerseys."

- "It's not really my scene, but people come here to get drunk, to get picked up,' says Mimi Mitchell, a 21-year-old sociology student from Toronto. 'It's a Western tradition.' Sure, some things do change. But at Country Club U, tradition dies hard."

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