Volume 92, Issue 10

Friday, September 18, 1998

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Bus schedule mix-up confuses

By Sonia Mestria and Sandy Nunes
Gazette Writers

Imagine being nine months pregnant and having to face the challenge of climbing a steep, unplowed hill to attend one of your classes.

Kimberly Raskin, a returning Western history student, thought she had that problem. Presently seven months pregnant, Raskin said she was concerned when she read the bus signs for the special bus service between Brescia and King's which read "No Service Fridays."

"It must have been a mistake," said John Ford, director of planning for the London Transit Commission. "There is service on Friday but there is no service after four o'clock."

"I think the sign [outside Middlesex College] should be reworded since there have been others I have talked to who are also concerned and upset," Raskin said, adding the sign is vague and misleading.

"The shuttle is an essential service to Western students," she said.

Raskin said when she phoned the LTC to inquire about this problem she was told to it was the University Students' Council who was responsible for handling all shuttle bus matters. However, when she phoned the USC she was told the same thing about the LTC. Although both groups said they would look into the problem for her she did not hear back from either.

Ian Armour, USC president, said Raskin was not the first student to express concern over this matter. Armour added it was his understanding the USC was responsible for the regularly scheduled buses and the affiliated colleges dealt with the shuttle buses.

The shuttle buses run only until 4 p.m. on Fridays because there are no classes which start after that time at the affiliated colleges, Ford said. Ford added he will send an inspector out to Western sometime today to have a look at the sign question.

To clarify any misread bus signs seen on campus, Brescia and King's shuttle buses will continue to operate on Fridays until approximately 4 p.m., as they have in previous years.

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