Volume 92, Issue 10

Friday, September 18, 1998

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Fashion faux pas

Re: Western Fashion

To the Editor:

Western may be known for one of the best educations in Canada, but it is also known as the best dressed university in Canada, hence "Country Club U." Look out that tiny dorm window at any time and see the walking advertisements for the Gap, Club Monaco, Tommy, Roots and more. It is a nice change from high school's No Fear and cut-off jeans to classy and cool. However, there is always that one exception that pushes it a little too far. Our fashion victim this week was a sad sight.

Blue jeans with a cuff are nice – four inch cuffs are NOT! Framed by red elevator running shoes, I wondered how they could run or walk for that matter. Tall is good, giraffe imitating is bad. Next up was a strappy "Daisy Duke" shirt. Nearly see-through and blue bra'd, the movie "Meatballs" came to mind. Finally, to top it off, sunglasses in Weldon. To be fair, the glasses were cool; Oakley's in fact. The problem - they're SUNglasses, not "indoor fluorescent lighting" glasses. Corey Hart has gone away people, lets not bring back the boy in the box.

Tania Madigan

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