Volume 92, Issue 11

Monday, September 22, 1998

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Quirks and Smirks

Have you ever finished a course outside of your program that you did not want permanently etched on your transcript? Here are some of the responses we received when we asked students the question: "What would you do if you had the opportunity to have a course wiped off of your transcript?"

"I would love to take some of my engineering marks off for sure, but they are all relevant."

–Nick Carthigaser,

Engineering IV

"Unless I had a bad mark I don't see why you would want to drop it."

–Sophie Brodovitch,

Visual Arts III

"Classical studies, definitely. I didn't do very well and I found it difficult."

–Karna Arisas,

Political Science & Spanish IV

"Logic 222a! If the course is irrelevant to anything you want to apply to, I think it is legit."

–Chris Badenoch,

Master's History I

"Political science 133b – I got a bad grade in it. It was just a filler and it was the only course I could take at that time to get full-time status."

–Fouad Elahmar,

Science III

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