Volume 92, Issue 11

Monday, September 22, 1998

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Advice to roomies, remember what mom told you

It seems as though every year I sit in someone's house, impatiently listening to the same complaints – roommate troubles.

The following may seem like common sense to many but from past experience, personally and listening to friends, there are quite a few people out there who just don't understand.

First-year students living in residence, other than those lucky ones living at Essex or Alumni House, find themselves bunking up with another student in the same room. This can turn out to be an awful way to start off your university career, but if roommates do a few simple things it will make their year run a lot smoother.

First of all, don't have sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend while your roommate is in the room. If you think they're sleeping, chances are they're not or you're going to wake them up. This one may sound really simple but you'd be surprised how many free sex shows happen around campus.

While we're on the topic of significant others, one of the most annoying things in "roommate life" is when a room or apartment for two turns into a living area for three. London has tons of places to go out – so do it. If you still feel that you can't spend a couple nights a week sleeping by yourself, then find another apartment in the city and move in with that man or woman you just can't live without.

There's also a small but very important word which lacks in the vocabulary of some roommates – respect. If anything can be stressed, this is it. Have respect for your roommate, their habits and most importantly, their property. If your roommate is sleeping when you get home, go out of your way to be as quiet as possible. If you don't like the way the person you're living with does a certain thing, talk to them about it or learn to deal with it.

Most importantly, don't touch someone else's property. Your mom probably told you this when you were five but many of the rules you were taught back then still apply. If your roommate has some furniture in a certain place or say, an appliance, don't move it because you want to. It's probably there for a reason.

It's all about simple things. Do your dishes, clean up after yourself, even take out the garbage every once and a while. Trust me, it's the stupid little things that piss people off.

There isn't enough room here to go through all the do's and don'ts of living with someone else but you've been given a couple basic ones to abide by. Above all, just try to make it a good year for both you and your roommate. The simple effort is usually good enough. If your roomie sees you're trying to get along, it will make all the difference in the world.

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