Volume 92, Issue 11

Monday, September 22, 1998

temper temper


Show me the money

Many items of currency are redeemable at this university. Diligence in studies, an extensive knowledge of formulas and texts and, yes, even originality has its place (albeit in very small circles). However, the quintessential form of currency that this establishment of higher learning holds most dearly is the cold hard dollar.

It is for this reason that it is difficult to comprehend that obtaining money on this campus is such an ordeal. Overpriced textbooks need to be bought. Clubs wanting to "join people with common interests together" demand compensation for their services. Fraternity brothers and sorority sisters need to be purchased. The restaurants on campus don't seem to want to take Interac or at least they feign in disapproval at those who try to use their half-melted bank cards.

Yet we continue to have a problem with obtaining redeemable currency in the monument of consumerism we call the University Community Centre. For some inconceivable reason, somebody saw it fit to kidnap half of the bank machines from under our noses, right at the time when they were needed most. Was it overwhelming stupidity? Careless business sense? Madness brought on by missing their medication? It's anyone's guess.

The one thing for certain is that their decision will end up costing them business in the long run. Is the prospect of revitalizing your dehydrated wallet with the basic element for survival at this university worth the trouble? Being pushed, poked and prodded by hundreds of people, while at the same time being harassed by pushy vendors and pathetic clubs in need of volunteers certainly isn't it.

So what is required to remedy this situation? A boycott won't solve anything, for even the most principled of us need to be kept in supply of candy bars and cola. Getting cash somewhere else is an option, but for those of us that spend a lot of time on campus, the UCC is the only option available.

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