Volume 92, Issue 11

Monday, September 22, 1998

temper temper


Sell it somewhere else, bucko

Last week, you found lines to be unbearable – line -ups to get into the BookStore, lineuups to pay at the BookStore, lineuups to get your OSAP and so on. And it should have gotten better, except for a small thing known as Clubs week.

There is no need to knock Clubs week as it provides a great opportunity for Western students to discover all the possible activities that they can get involved in. But do external organizations need to be booked at the same time? And do they need to be booked all year round?

With the bombardment of marketing each of us face from print, radio and television mediums, does the University Community Centre have to be another source of nuisance? Sometimes, people just want to get to class without fighting through a crowd of people who are rolling dice to win a CD. And do the various organizations need to be here when there are Western organizations that need the space.

The poster sale is one of the best events occuring in the UCC during the year because it is out of the way and only occurs two or three times a year. You are not constantly hassled because you do not have to walk right through it just to avoid the rain outside. The CD people, the jewelry people and clothing people should all take a cue from the poster people and try not to be here every day.

The student population of Western is an attractive market for retailers, but does it need to be encouraged in our own backyard by the University Students' Council, the organization that is supposed to look out for our best interests. Couldn't the USC limit the length of stays in the atrium? Or do they need the money so badly they need to squeeze every penny they can out of their resources? Every day does not have to be a shopping day here at Western.

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