Volume 92, Issue 12

Thursday, September 24, 1998

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Sydhaven's fans singing

By Mark Lewandowski
Gazette Staff

Is it possible to get gigs without a demo tape? Apparently it is, but you've got to be pretty damn good. Luckily for local talent Sydhaven, the fan base is there – Which is quite surprising for a band that has been out of the game for half a year.

"When we came back the fans still remembered us and some people even knew the words to the songs," Chad Gardner says. As the band's lead singer, Gardner has had a front row seat for the phenomenon.

"At our first few shows back, you could have given the mic to someone and they could sing along."

Gardner is happy to describe his music as rock and roll – but not in the mainstream way some artists do. "We have '70s stuff, funk, jazz, hard blues and a generally hard feel – a mix of everything. But that's what rock and roll is all about," Gardner explains.

The band writes all of its music collectively and has even dropped some tracks down at a pro studio. Sydhaven did the basement thing for a long time before hitting the clubs – a decision which Gardner feels "has really paid off [artistically]." But like most indie bands their biggest concern is funding.

"It is hard to go into the studio when not everyone works," Gardner comments. But even with this roadblock the band will try to release an album by the new year. For a band that has headlined a Friday night at The Embassy which drew 200 people as well as gigs in Hamilton and Kitchener, Sydhaven is ready for a break.

With a good attitude and growing fan base, Sydhaven seems to be headed n the right direction.

"Whenever you do a show you have to go in with the right attitude. Like at our last show when people were playing more and more stuff while the sound guys kept waving," Gardner describes. "We all have to work together instead of against each other.

"Tyson [manager at The Embassy] has really been taking care of us, but Call the Office doesn't want to talk to me," Gardner points out.

Overall, things are going well for the talented two and-a-half-year-old fivesome and hopefully they'll reap what they've sown. Success for indie bands can be elusive but Gardner says "we'll keep playing until someone hears us."

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