Volume 92, Issue 12

Thursday, September 24, 1998

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Parking abounds

Re: Bus passes are making life easier, Sept. 17

To the Editor:

Contrary to Neil Malhotra's statement in the article, parking on campus is very easy to find. As usual, the Springett and Saugeen lots are popular and are full very early, but there are several hundred spaces available in the Huron Flats and Medway lots every day, even at peak times. Medway and Huron Flats are also available 24 hours on $2 coin entry to accommodate those who wish to take the bus, but also to drive on a casual basis. Permits are still available at $205 per year.

Remember that the best up to date information on campus parking is available from the Parking Office 661-3973 or parking@julian.uwo.ca

David Hill


Parking and Visitor Services

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