Volume 92, Issue 12

Thursday, September 24, 1998

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Let the Albertans make the choice

Re: Senator Appointment

To the Editor:

Our ever-competent prime minister has once again shown contempt towards Canadians and our democracy. On the eve of the second-ever Senate election in Canada, Jean-boy jumped the gun and appointed a senator for Albertans without waiting to see who they want to represent them. The Senatorial Selection Act is in effect in Alberta, the writ has been dropped and Albertans are expected to go to the polls on Oct. 19 to elect their senator. Now it appears Jean couldn't wait until then, as he told the Albertans who he wants to represent them in the upper chamber.

92 per cent of Albertans want to have an elected senator to represent them. Jean ignored the wishes of the people of this province, their premier and their law giving them the old Trudeau salute. So as not to be totally partisan, Jean appointed an ex-Tory MP, Douglas Roche, to fill this vacancy for Alberta. Roche will sit as an independent in the Senate.

The Liberals claim that they cannot accept the results of this Senate election because the constitution says that the prime minister can appoint his cronies to the Senate. Therefore they would have to change the constitution and hey, that's too messy. This line spewed by the Liberals is a bunch of bolshevik. The constitution can be bypassed, as it was in the 1989 Senate election when Albertans elected Stan Waters as their senator (the first elected Senator ever in Canada). The Liberals have also bypassed the constitution by declaring Quebec a "distinct society" in Parliament.

This is yet another example of Jean Chretien being the Prime Minister for only those who support him and an unintelligible dictator to those who don't support his despotic style of government.

What a country we live in! The Senate must be reformed.

Patrick M. Callaghan


UWO Reform Club

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