Volume 92, Issue 14

Friday, September 25, 1998

it was sugar


A musical wonderland

Wonderland Park
Island Records

Ednaswap, the alterna-pop quartet from Los Angeles returns with their fourth release, Wonderland Park. Best known for their song "Torn," which Natalie Imbruglia since turned into a hit, Ednaswap face the challenge of producing a "follow-up" album.

Luckily, the album contains some worthwhile performances. Vocalist Anne Preven manages to sound both emotional and commanding at the same time. The band exhibits a variety of musical explorations, all while hanging onto the same pop roots. Rock, pop, soul and electronica are all covered. Together, these approaches suit each other fairly well. The layering of the guitars and keyboards is particularly prevalent in creating the sounds of the album.

The band is at their best on slower songs like "Invisible" and "A Conversation" as well as harder songs like "Without Within" and "Supernatural." It's in the middle where they seem to be lost and the music falls victim to overproduction.

Occasionally, Preven tries too hard with the lyrics and ends up lost. "747" exemplifies this, in which everything is jumbled and nothing gets across.

Alterna-pop fans will find this album worth checking out, although fans of Natalie Imbruglia's brand of pop won't find much to look forward to. Unfortunately, for anyone not a devout alterna-pop fan, this album has little to offer.


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