Volume 92, Issue 14

Friday, September 25, 1998

it was sugar


Here's what you thought

A survey conducted in the spring of '98 by The Gazette on fraternities and sororities produced some interesting comments and insight into what some perceptions of fraternities are. The survey asked 50 people, 15 of whom were male and 35 females, to anonymously respond to a number of questions. Twenty-six per cent of the males who responded were members of fraternities and nine per cent of the females were members of sororities.

When asked to describe their interpretation of a fraternity or sorority, the responses were only somewhat varied, usually very much on one or the other side of the fence...

– "Sororities are an ideal way to enhance one's university experience by providing a way to develop individual, social, intellectual and moral growth as well as encouraging strong friendship and community or philanthropic events."

– "A group of people together in an organization who hold events, charitable as well as fun."

– "Group of guys who fit together, spend time together, have experiences together and just have fun."

– "A group of people who work together in organizing events, working in the community and helping each other through school."

– "My family."

– "The majority of the people I know in these groups are very snobby. They think they are better than everyone else."

– "They are intended to gather people for fun, friendship, and community. Unfortunately, their objectives are undermined by issues related to wealth, well-grooming and more often than not, snobbery."

– "A place where men and women get together to practice a lifestyle based on traditional occult behaviour– drinking, rituals, drugs, partying."

– "Group of people who partake in activities such as drinking, partying and horrible initiations."

– "Snotty girls who are too fashion-conscious. Frat guys are pigs who spend their time drinking or doing drugs."

– "A cult of rich people buying friends."

– "Beer, drunks, jocks, losers, connections, high class, etc."

– "Cheese."

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