Volume 92, Issue 14

Friday, September 25, 1998

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The Western home page has recently undergone successful cosmetic surgery and it seems to have covered all wrinkles.

The new page provides many new services both innovative and convenient to the average student. One of these new features is in the form of a daily news service which features three to five top stories from around campus.

In addition to an online news source, a "Western Calendar of Events" is also featured. This schedule features all activities happening around campus in the near and distant future and has been receiving between 1,200 to 1,400 hits daily since going online Sept. 8.

The restructuring of the Western home page was launched into cyberspace as a joint venture of the department of communications and public affairs and Information Technology Services, said David Estok, director of communications and public affairs at Western.

Estok hopes the new page will bring more information and use with ease and accessibility. "The whole focus of this new system is on speed, flexibility and convenience," he said.



A photo printed yesterday depicted the Formula Sunstang but was not labelled as such.

The Gazette regrets the error.

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