Volume 92, Issue 14

Friday, September 25, 1998

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It's time for Clinton to leave the job

Re: Bill Clinton

To the Editor:

When all the details of Bill Clinton's sexual activities are set aside, the question facing the American people is whether or not he should be impeached. Did Clinton break the law by perjuring his testimony and encouraging others to do the same?

According to Spanish Inquisition prosecutor, Kenneth Starr, Bill Clinton is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. However, Clinton's legal dream team maintains that technically, Bill did not tell a fib on the stand. When he was asked if he had "sexual relations" with Monica Lewinski, Clinton "honestly" believed the phrase referred to sexual intercourse. He claims he merely "misled" the American people.

In my household, a lie of any magnitude is still considered a lie. There is only one truth – everything else is a lie. Whatever euphemism Clinton uses, he is still a liar.

Dishonesty is a character trait which is deemed nasty enough for anyone to lose a job, especially the most powerful position in the world. Add adultery and sexual misconduct to the mix and you have a mess of Titanic proportions. However, unlike the ill-famed RMS Titanic, Clinton appears to be unsinkable.

I find Clinton's resilience very odd. He cannot be faithful and honest to his own wife. He uses people for his own gratification, he lies to cover-up after himself and he uses the presidency to pick-up "chicks." How can this man be faithful to his country if he can't be trusted behind closed doors?

The fact that Clinton admitted he had "inappropriate" encounters with Lewinski is far from redeeming. He had no choice but to tell a more truthful account of the affair when he was questioned again. Prosecution had the dress that proved Lewinski's story was true. Clinton has no interest in righting his wrongs or standing up for truth – he simply wants to stay in office by whatever means it takes.

Bill Clinton stands for nothing. His scandalous behavior is summed up as lust and deceit. Clinton's only claim to fame – a good economy. It's true Starr's report went overboard with its in-depth "pornographic" detailing of Clinton's private life, however, Clinton is not an average American who has been poorly treated – he is the leader of the world's last superpower. He must be morally scrutinized as well as legally scrutinized.

The president is a model of national character, particularly for American children. When the writers of the American Constitution established the rules of government, they assumed that in this new democracy, if the electorate were moral, God-fearing, law-abiding citizens, only a moral president could remain in office.

Something must have changed over the last 200 years. One thing is for certain – the issue is much bigger than legal jargon. It's a moral issue – Clinton must go.

Jeremy W. Johnston


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