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Friday, September 25, 1998

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Martyn outpaces sophmore jinx

Geoff Robins/Gazette
I HOPE THEY HAVE SOME PRINGLES AT THE FINISH LINE. If Mustang Becky Martyn wasn't running she'd probably be like a lot of us – just another lazy coach potato.

By Brett MacCannell
Gazette Writer

For many people, running for the bus or sitting reading the newspaper is the biggest workout they get all day. For Western's cross country running phenomenon, Becky Martyn, a regular workout for a normal student can be multiplied by 50.

Add in some blood, sweat and tears, 30 degree sweltering heat, a couple pairs of shoes a month and you'll start to understand Martyn's practice regiment.

Hailing from North Bay, Ontario, Becky is no stranger to fierce competition. Ever since her high school days she has been prominently involved in sports.

Mustang coach Bob Vigars felt that Martyn is "a good leader, but very humble" and if her bubbly personality is any indication, she no doubt fits in very well on the team.

Martyn's mantle holds some very impressive hardware. She was not only high school athlete of the year, but was the recipient of North Bay female athlete of the year honours as well.

Martyn also cross country skis competitively. She boasted a fourth place finish in the Ontario Federation of Schools Athletic Association finals last year.

Martyn joked about her first couple times out last season and the relief she felt when the words "conversational pace running" were uttered only to find herself trying to catch her own breath let alone talk.

"It's funny seeing the looks on their faces when they find out how fast that pace really is and to remember that I was there such a short time ago," Martyn said.

As easy as it is for many of the freshman to look to Martyn as a leader, Martyn herself looks up to teammate Christina Farr. Farr, a veteran of three years, is the no. 1 runner on the Mustang team and is currently racing in her final stint as a Western running machine.

Martyn's most appealing attribute is the fact that she runs for herself. Her natural talent is evident but she said she truly loves to run and her combination of cross country skiing, running and competitive ultimate frisbee keeps her in peak condition.

According to Vigars, she reported to camp this fall in the best shape ever. When asked why she liked to run, she answered with a big grin. "If I wasn't running I'd be at home on the couch watching television."



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