Volume 92, Issue 14

Friday, September 25, 1998

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Tieing one on

The Western women's field hockey team played to their fourth straight tie Tuesday night against Waterloo but a more telling statistic was the shot count which leaned heavily in Waterloo's favor, 11-1.

According to Waterloo coach Sharon Creelman, Mustang goalie Denise Peltier was the difference in the game.

Peltier, a third-year player on a team with a roster that is filled with rookies, described the Mustang's effort as solid, featuring some decent ball movement.

"We held them off," she said. "Of course, the key is putting the ball in the net."

At this point last year, the Mustang's were 3-1, but Peltier insists that it was the level of competition which influenced last year's inflated early season record.

– Eytan Ripp

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