Volume 92, Issue 15

Tuesday, September 29, 1998



Student representation doubles

By Mark Brown
Gazette Staff

Students will see their representation in the $2.5 billion Canada Millenium Scholarship Foundation double as a result of a decision made late last week.

Originally there was to be one student director but as a result of lobbying it has changed to two. The Canadian Alliance of Students' Associations pressed the government to increase student representation on the Foundation, said Hoops Harrison, national director of CASA.

"While we applaud the student position, it was not feasible for one student to represent all of Canada."

The Foundation agreed that one student was not enough, said Brian Milton, interim executive director of the Foundation. It is trying to ensure there are two directors, he added, noting regional representation was another factor.

"We decided to go with two [student directors] to try and represent all of the stakeholders," he said.

The negotiated positions were agreed to in principle by the Foundation after discussion between CASA, the Canadian Federation of Students and the Federation of Students in the Province of Quebec.

The additional two directors, along with the one member position legislated during the last federal budget, will make it possible to have students on the governing boards who can represent the three primary areas – colleges, universities and francophones, Harrison said.

Students who are selected for one of these positions will not receive a salary or honoraria, however, their expenses will be covered, Harrison said.

The Foundation will be administered by two separate boards made up of 15 members and 15 directors, Harrison said. Members will be responsible for reviewing reports and will serve for two years while directors will serve a four-year term reviewing policy and overseeing the delivery of the scholarship product.

Student associations only have until Thursday to submit their nominees to their respective federal lobby groups, said Nick Iozzo, University Students' Council VP-education.

Milton said the tight timeline is necessary to ensure the administrative unit is in place as soon as possible. "Without a Board we cannot make decisions to deal with the major issues."

Only undergraduate students are eligible to apply for these positions and you do not have to be part of the USC, Iozzo said. "I really think this is a great opportunity even if they are not on the student council."

The USC will be accepting nominations until noon on Thursday to give the USC Board of Directors time to evaluate the applications and send their recommendation to CASA, explained Iozzo.

Students who are interested in this opportunity should send in a cover letter, a resume and a two-page proposal outlining their student life experience and knowledge about student aid.

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