Volume 92, Issue 15

Tuesday, September 29, 1998



Contracting money

By Sabrina Carinci
Gazette Staff

Bare walls be naked no more – the Imaginus Poster sale has invaded the atrium and has brought some cash with it.

This warehouse-based poster company visits university campuses throughout the country and has been setting up shop at Western since 1975, said Dan Mark, general manager of Imaginus.

"[Western] is one of the more important schools we visit," Mark said.

Although he would not comment on the amount of money the company makes during its stay on campus, Mark did say the costs of the posters sold on campus are considerably less than they are in retail stores. "We carry 1,600 different images," he said.

Mark added the company makes enough money to cover the large costs involved with flying in some of the posters which are required to maintain stock. "We're trying to start shipping by sea because it's cheaper," he said.

"Imaginus has a long-term contract with the university," said Bob Klanac, assistant manager of retail and service operations for the University Students' Council.

The contract entitles Imaginus to have 13 separate sale dates on campus, five now, five in November and three in January, he said.

Due to confidentiality reasons, Klanac was unable to confirm the amount of money the USC makes as a result of the contract with Imaginus.

Klanac did assure, however, the university makes a reasonable sum of money. "The poster sale is very good to the USC," he said.

The money collected from poster sales go directly to the retail service operation revenues, Klanac said.

"It gets used for marketing and salaries," said Dave Small, VP-finance for the USC.

According to Small, the USC is not intentionally hiding the amount of money it makes from the Imaginus poster sales, however, they are required to maintain a certain silence about it so that the company can uphold a competitive edge over other universities.

"Some universities pay to have Imaginus come to their campuses," he said, noting Western is one of the only universities to have a contract with the company.

Small did say, however, that the figure is most likely calculated upon a percentage of their sales. "We make more from Imaginus than most other universities," he said.

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