Volume 92, Issue 15

Tuesday, September 29, 1998



It's not LTC, it's the students

Re: Better service or better give our money back, Sept. 22

To the Editor:

Having worked for a national award-winning transit service for three years, plus having been exposed to many other bus systems, I feel I have some special insight regarding the poor service provided by the London Transit Commission. I believe there are three main failings the LTC did not anticipate when planning their service to campus. The three obvious facts the LTC should have realized are:

1) WESTERN STUDENTS ARE TOO GOOD TO WAIT FOR A BUS. Most of the time I have to waste a precious five to 10 minutes of my oh-so-important life waiting for a bus. Does the LTC actually expect me to plan my life around a bus schedule?

2) WESTERN STUDENTS ARE TOO GOOD TO STAND ON A BUS. Torontonians take for granted they may have to stand while riding public transportation, but I'm special! Since I'm a Western student I should have a seat reserved for me. One time I even had to vacate my seat for an elderly lady. What incompetence demonstrated by the LTC.

3) WESTERN STUDENTS ARE TOO GOOD TO WALK. For some unknown reason the LTC expected only a slight increase in service demand over previous years. Don't they realize that even though I live within 15 minutes walking distance to campus I am too fragile to make the trek?

The LTC's last minute scramble to increase the number of buses along routes is too little, too late. All in all I think the LTC should get their shit together and ensure they have a six-wheeled, 40-seater limo & driver on beck and call for me and each and every other Western student.

Warren Flood
Philosophy/Economics II

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