Volume 92, Issue 15

Tuesday, September 29, 1998



Unsophisticated advertising

Re: Open House Ad, Sept. 24

To the Editor:

Don't worry; I figured it out. I guess it's difficult to imagine why The Gazette would use such a distasteful and idiotic advertisement as a vehicle to promote itself, as that of Sept. 24, encouraging students to "try new things," such as sex, alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, cocaine and of course, involvement in their publication.

Perhaps The Gazette finds real inclusion in its membership to such social ills as cocaine addiction. No, no that's not it... too expensive a habit for students. Perhaps all of The Gazette staff are fortunate enough to work in a high and inebriated stupor all day long. No, probably not a likely rationale either... after all, the paper does get published consistently. Maybe participation in The Gazette is tantamount to a unbridled coital experience. No, no... if that were the case, I don't imagine that they would have to hang out their shingle at all.

I got it! The explanation behind such loathsome pandering could only be that in such piteous desperation for editorial material, The Gazette intentionally tried to get a rise out of the university body. Indeed, they got a rise out of me. Perhaps next week the advertisements will seduce us with such wonderful topics as spousal abuse, date rape and kiddie porn. How compelling; let's all get involved.

Indeed, I truly hope that I am correct in my thinking. If the designers of this ad actually thought they were being scintillating and witty in their approach, then it is a far, far sadder state of intellectual affairs. With this in mind, it would seem that my readership is only spiteful; it is indeed strange that I should be hoping that your paper is merely cagey and offensive, not unsophisticated and obtuse.

Malcolm Richmon
Masters Education I

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