Volume 92, Issue 15

Tuesday, September 29, 1998



Addictions are not the funniest thing

Re: Open house ad, Sept. 24

To the Editor:

Exactly what is The Gazette endorsing in the full page ad that ran on Sept. 24, trying to recruit students to become involved with their newspaper? The logo "experiment with The Gazette" was used along with a photograph of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, condoms and joints, along with the caption "while at university you should make sure you try new things."

Is The Gazette endorsing the casual use of these substances? Unfortunately, for a handful of individuals experimenting on just one occasion can lead to long-term addiction, not to mention that the one time "experiment" with these substances can have seriously negative and lasting health effects.

I also found disturbing The Gazette's implicit assumption and portrayal of this type behavior as a normative and an expected activity that plays a part in the university experience. The Gazette's flippant attitude and promotion of this dangerous behaviour reflect a lack of judgement and understanding regarding the social, mental, physical and economic costs and consequences that addictions can result in within our community, both in London and at Western.

The Gazette has a great opportunity to positively influence the health of the campus. In the future I would hope that The Gazette acts more responsibly and critically examines the messages that are being sent.

Carolyn Pluim
Nursing IV

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