Volume 92, Issue 15

Tuesday, September 29, 1998



Protect everyone,take it off

Re: Proper use of protective clothing

To the Editor:

I wish to comment on a very disturbing practice that has become quite prevalent across campus. I am referring to the inappropriate use of personal protective clothing such as labcoats and scrub suits. This problem is perhaps the most pronounced in the cafeteria at University Hospital, but has been observed in all areas of campus.

Labcoats and scrubs are generally worn for two reasons, the first being to protect the wearer from contaminants encountered either during laboratory work or from patients. The second reason for wearing them is to protect lab work or patients from any contaminants coming from the wearer. Wearing labcoats and scrubs in public areas defeats both of these purposes. Hazards such as radioactive material and pathogens can be carried from laboratories and patients into public areas and contaminants such as bacteria can be picked up in public areas and transferred to patients and laboratory experiments.

Health care workers and laboratory personnel should know better than to behave in this manner, yet every day labcoats can be seen in cafeterias across campus. I urge everyone who agrees with this letter to say something next time you witness this disgusting, irresponsible behavior.

D.S. Hayden
MSc. Candidate

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