Volume 92, Issue 16

Wednesday, September 30, 1998

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ACES going wild

By Sabrina Carinci
Gazette Staff

A motion posted for tonight's University Students' Council meeting has angered members of the Association of Continuing Education Studies, the association representing part-time and mature students.

The motion, which proposes an end to ACES and the creation of a USC lifelong learning commissioner, was introduced last Friday in a meeting with members from both the USC and ACES present, said Ian Armour, president of the USC.

"They want to take away the office, the lounge, telephone services and the space where [we] work," said Josee Morin, acting president of ACES.

However, according to Armour, the motion is intended to take the work which is done through ACES and make it better. "I'm not just trying to be an asshole," he said.

According to Morin, if passed, the motion would take away the representation from the students ACES supports. "I think [Armour] is not representing us to the fullest – where does Ian intend the mature students to go now?" she said.

Armour explained the proposal does not eliminate representation of part-time and mature students, but rather enhances it. "They will have commissionership and have access to all USC resources as well as our political backing," he said.

Armour added students will have full use of such resources as the Education Resource Centre, which may be used as a meeting place, one much bigger than the present ACES office space.

Morin said she felt Armour's actions regarding his proposed changes were inconsiderate. "Thirteen days after he told me to set up a board, I found out that we were being dissolved," she said.

According to Armour, however, the entire process was done in consultation with Morin. "There's been a lot of misinformation," he said. "I'm not trying to discriminate or to eliminate – this is an improvement."

Morin believes one of the reasons this motion has been proposed is because another organization on campus has placed a bid on the present ACES office space. "This information stems from [USC general manager] Jim Walden," she said.

Walden, however, denies ever having made such a remark. "There is not one single substance of truth to that," he said.

Catherine DuVal, a part-time media, information and technology student and past president of the Part-Time and Mature Student Association, now referred to as ACES, said she believed the USC proposal is a negative one and hopes council members will reject it.

"The USC feels they can meet our needs and concerns, but how do they understand who and what we are when they haven't worked outside of school and faced the world as many part-time and mature students have," DuVal said.

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