Volume 92, Issuing an invitation

September to April

we want you


Umm... tastes like chicken

Future A & E photographer/Gazette

I WANT MY GAZETTE TV. No, we haven't moved from print to television, but doesn't our entertainment photo look great anyway? Deputy Editor Lisa Weaver sure thinks so.

Western's Secret Recipe for the Frosh "Hi Mom, send money fast" syndrome:

1. Bean Sprouts – Mmmm...cheap, crunch filler for those veggie stir-frys, soy to taste. Nutritious and delicious. Amuse your friends, surprise your enemies. Start the party with a bang.

2. Write for Gazette Arts & Entertainment – Movies and CDs and concerts oh my! When Mom cuts you off, freeload off of us. We'll love you like one of our own.

You don't have to be an indie rock officionado to write for A&E, just possessing a love for voicing your opinion and creativity is enough. We need writers to review new movies, books, theatre productions, art exhibits, concerts and albums or interview artists, authors and musicians. These, however, are just the basics – A&E covers everything possible in the entertainment world, so whatever your interests, you're sure to find something.

As an added bonus you will be able to keep the book or CD you review, as well as get into the film or concert you're reviewing for free.

The Arts & Entertainment section is a great place to explore your interests as well as develop your writing style. We are always open to suggestions for stories – so come and entertain us!

To Contact The Arts and Entertainment Department: gazette.entertainment@julian.uwo.ca

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