Volume 92, Issuing an invitation
September to April
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Editorial Board 1998-99

Brendan Howe
Lisa Weaver
Deputy Editor
Jamie Lynn
Managing Editor
Dave Yasvinski, Mark Brown
Sabrina Carinci, Becky Somerville 
  News Editors

Clare Elias, Mark Lewandowski,
Christina Vardanis

  Arts and Entertainment Editors

John Dinner, John Intini, Ian Ross 

  Sports Editors

Jael Lodge, Ciara Rickard

  Focus Editors

Tom Baumgautner, Dipesh Mistry, 
Randy Quan

  Photography Editors

Luke Rundle, Brahm Wiseman

  Graphics Editors

Neil Malhotra

  Opinions Editor
Gazette Composing Staff
Ian Greaves
Cheryl Forster, Meaghen Simms
Gazette Advertising Staff
Alex McKay
Carlo Michetti, Doug Warrick
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