Volume 92, Issuing an invitation

September to April

we want you


Pushing buttons picturing Western

Lisa Weaver/Gazette

PUT YOUR STAMP ON THE WORLD. Volunteer to take photos for The Gazette and learn the fine art of makin' pretty pictures. All this fabulous experience is yours... free of charge!

Just point and shoot.

That's all you have to do to become a Gazette photographer. After you walk through the door to our office, just summon one of the Photo editors from the dark depths of the photo room and they'll set you up with one of our cameras to begin your photojournalism career.

The Photo section is critical for the overall look of the paper and the quality of each section. Our photographers take photos of news events taking place on campus, Mustang sports – from football to water polo and entertainment photos as well.

The Gazette has served as a starting point for many professional photographers who had their first photos published within our pages.

To Contact The News Department: gazette.news@julian.uwo.ca

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