Volume 92, Issuing an invitation

September to April

we want you


Back to school and the drawing board

Get out your crayons and construction paper... we're going to let you exercise your imagination. The Gazette is constantly in need of creative people to volunteer for the Graphics section. This section is responsible for the crazy drawings which accompany stories and columns in the paper. Also, submissions are needed for a page devoted to comics which will be published once a week. Comics may be drawn in any shape, format or style as long as they are finished in black ink (no pencil please!)

No experience is necessary to volunteer and basic supplies (a pencil – and if you're lucky an eraser) can be provided. Starting your career as a lucky Graphics volunteer is almost as easy as drawing a perfect circle. Just come up to The Gazette office and we'll pencil you in!

To Contact The News Department: gazette.news@julian.uwo.ca

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