Volume 92, Issuing an invitation

September to April

we want you


Volunteers needed!

By [Your name here]
Future Gazette Staff

Looking to get involved at Western this September? Why not volunteer for The Gazette, Western's student newspaper.

All you have to do is come on up to Room 263 of the University Community Centre (a place you'll get to know well), walk through our doors and say you're interested in writing for News, Sports, Arts and Entertainment or Focus. You can also take photos or draw graphics as well.

There's no experience necessary. All of our writers and editors started out just like you – wondering how they could get involved and decided to come up to our office. Some haven't left since.

If you're a little concerned that you've never written anything before, there's no need to worry. Our editors would be more than happy to teach you the intricacies of student journalism.

The Gazette offers the only training ground on a university campus in Canada where volunteers can participate in the production of a daily newspaper. The Gazette stands at the forefront of student journalism and to be part of our team you simply walk through the doors of our office – the rest is history.

To Contact The News Department: gazette.news@julian.uwo.ca

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