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Wednesday, April 7, 1999


Council has fought for professionals

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Council has fought for professionals

Re: Dubious award an embarrassment, March 26

To the Editor:

In his recent letter, Domenico Magisano made a number of criticisms of the University Students' Council. Some related to Mr. Creighton, to which he has responded, but most related to the USC in general. I have made it personal policy not to respond publicly to inaccurate opinions pieces or editorials, but given the accusations made within Dom's letter, I feel it necessary to provide the students with the facts.

Aside from the recycling issue, Domenico states his "contempt for the way the USC deals with professional schools." Based on this comment I feel it is worth noting that USC VP-education Nick Iozzo and I have spent a significant portion of our time and efforts this year working with students in the professional schools, battling tuition increases and improving student aid.

I have met with the honours business administration and engineering councils and I have been meeting regularly with HBA, dental and medical school representatives. Dentistry and HBA have been frozen for next year and we are currently lobbying to freeze medical tuition and eliminate medical residency tuition. I was taken aback by Dom's comments given he was the law representative on the USC this year.

One would think he would have known how hard we work with and for students in these faculties. I am therefore left to assume he is speaking for law only. In that case, Dom should have had plenty of opportunity to address law's concerns of the supposed "underhanded and unethical" treatment of the law school by the USC where and when it mattered – at the USC meetings.

I find it especially difficult to understand his comments of a "pompous and arrogant USC" given that law is the only faculty essentially guaranteed a student on the seven member USC Board of Directors each year through the position of USC legal affairs officer.

"Unprofessional and adversarial" does not reflect the USC Dom, though it does seem to sum up your letter quite nicely.

Ian Armour
University Students' Council

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