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Wednesday, April 7, 1999


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Re: Lacking coverage, March 30

To the Editor:

I share in Jamie Algate's disappointment over the lack of Gazette converage of the recent fire at King's College, but am reticent to concur with the underlying cause of his "outrage."

On March 18th, a fire was intentionally set in the chapel at King's College that caused approxiamately $100,000 in damage and endangered the lives of numerous faculty, staff and students. Luckily for all involved, it was extinguished by liaison officer John Forrington and two off-duty student secuirty guards, Donna Horton and Tobin Valcour. In the days that followed, there came many articles and television reports from local media groups. I was curious to see if there would be coverage in The Gazette, but there was none.

I agreed with Mr. Algate until he mentioned that he was also "outraged" at the fact that the King's College Students' Council public relations Commissioner was never contacted for comment. I do realize that students' council is active in student life at King's, but I was unaware that it was responsible for the operations of the chapel.

Did Mr. Algate realy feel that such contact regarding this incident was necessary? Was he genuinely concerned for his school and fellow students or was it the fact that the students' council wanted to take a dip in the publicity pool?

A reason why the students' council wasn't contacted was because its input probably wasn't needed. It was an issue that was to be handled by those who were directly involved in the incident, not by spectators. Also, in a situation like this, I assume that King's would like to be well represented in the media and this usually means interviews with members of the administration.

Moreover, when letters to the Editor shift in focus from "Why didn't you inform the student body?" to "Why didn't you involve us?" I begin to question if your interest is enuinely altruistic.

As far as the reason why an article was never printed in The Gazette, well, that's up to the editors. In fact, if anyone had bothered to ask, they would have found that a piece had been written but due to source complications and The Gazette's publication policies, it could not have been printed.

Jamie, if you felt that it was important for the people to know about the fire, why didn't you include the events that transpired and the names of the people involved in your letter? I believe that the students at Western deserved to know about this terrible incident. I do not believe that outside parties should try to use it as a vehicle for self-promotion.

Congratulations once again to John, Donna and Tobin.

Craig Butler
Music II

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