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Wednesday, April 7, 1999


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But to wear a dress?

Re: Medway/Sydenham's residence formal

To the Editor:

Is it inappropriate for a boy to wear a dress to a residence's formal? Now this is certainly a strange question to ask.

However, seeing as I was that particular boy in question, I thought I might answer a few questions anyone might have had.

No, I did not lose some sort of bet. Yes, it was my dress and for those of you wondering where I bought it, try the Garage Clothing Co. (their fall line, I bought it on sale for $40.)

That answers everything except for "why," which is honestly the most difficult question to answer. The reason why I wore a dress to my residence's formal is because I wasn't afraid to! I had enough confidence in myself that I wasn't going to let what other people think affect my choice of style.

This is not to say I wasn't scared. After all, it was going to be very difficult not to notice a boy in a long black formal dress and although I did get a few mean stares, I don't regret the decision to do it for a second.

Was what I did wrong? I don't think it was. After all, I behaved appropriately, dressed appropriately (it was a formal dress) and was even fashionably early too.

Christopher Hodge
Visual Arts I

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