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Wednesday, April 7, 1999


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Atheist preaches about his own religion

Re: Atheist's view of Christianity

To the Editor:

The recent rhetoric concerning the validity of Christianity has failed to be represented from the atheist's point of view.

Take a look at all the solid evidence (the fossil record, big bang theory, evolution theory, etc.) which contradicts the Genesis creation story and the Bible in general.

Surely, this information warrants you to review your beliefs and logically evaluate whether they can still be blindly followed or not. Faith can only be used as an excuse for senselessness or fear for so long. Humanity should be past that point at this stage of existence. Religion is an old idea which has long stayed its usefulness.

The current widespread use of Christianity dates back to Constantine's rule of the Roman Empire. Constantine faced two major problems in his time; a) the failing and near collapse of his empire; b) his prosecution, by Pagan religious leaders, for his murder of his own wife and son.

His solution to both of these problems was the conversion of the Roman Empire to Christianity. The monotheistic views of this religion bolstered the unity of his empire by eliminating the squabbling between the followers of different gods. Christianity was also the only religion available to Constantine which would offer forgiveness for his homicides. Without these events, the proliferation of Christianity would not have taken place and you would be as pagan as the next person.

However, beyond all of my ranting and raving, I doubt I have convinced anyone except people who had previously shared my views. This is a pointless argument like abortion debates or musical preference. People are naturally stubborn about their opinions in these areas. The only accomplishment of this letter is to throw more fuel onto the fire. This at least we can all agree on.

As a side note, Christianity eventually led to the fall of the western Roman Empire through the placidity shown by the Roman people. This placidity was an open invitation to the vandals, barbarians, etc. to sack Rome and collect some loot. Also, an easy way to eliminate the fear of "hell" is to become a masochist. Think about it.

Kyle Gascoigne
Engineering I

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